Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Person on Plane:

Flying tends to suck.  From packing, to arriving at the airport nine hours early, to sitting in shitty cramped seats next to potentially terrible strangers, to hoping your luggages arrives with you, its all just a big hassle.  Now, I sat next to you on the plane, which actually wasn't terrible at all, but it seems as though I wronged you.  You looked pretty fancy in your nice suit and all.  No doubt traveling for business.  You took your suit coat off and put it in the overhead compartment.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but in retrospect that seemed like a poor decision.  After you carefully laid your suit coat out over the length of the overhead, I put my bag up there, because... well, that's where my bag goes.  As soon as I was finished putting my stuff up there, you scoffed loudly, gave me a dirty look, and then got up and opened the overhead compartment, and re-laid out your coat.  I mean, I don't even think my bag was crumpling your coat, but whatever.  If you don't want your coat to possibly wrinkled, don't put it in the fucking overhead compartment.  Or if you do, wait until everyone else has their shit in there before putting your coat in.  I mean, did you really think no one was going to put anything else up there?  Like the overhead is your own personal coat stowing location?  And why not fold it up or something, instead of just laying it flat in the overhead.  Maybe you think I'm the asshole because I just shoved my bag in there without saying anything.  Well, given your reaction, you definitely think I'm the asshole here, but I don't care.  Your whole thought process with what to do you with your fancy suit jacket was flawed from the get-go.  You and your coat do not get any special privileges.  Especially when you're flying coach like the rest of us.  


  1. Wow, that person is a selfish idiot. Especially when there is never enough room on flights for everyone's bag as it is these days.

  2. awesome blog!